NEET (Medical) Foundation

NEET Foundation syllabus covers subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics,
concepts taught in IX and X standard. For excelling in the NEET Foundation Course,
students must acquaint themselves with all topics covered in State Board, CBSE and
ICSE syllabus for Class 11th and 12th

Bravgard  is not only to help the students attain clarity of concepts at an early stage, but
also to help them apply the concepts while attempting various examinations. This
the approach would also prepare students to tackle various academic demands.

Why NEET/AIIMS Foundation

To get an early head start for your ultimate goal NEET/AIIMS.
The immediate goal of the course is to prepare students for NEET AIIMS and other medical exams
NEET Foundation Course strengthens a students knowledge in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
It teaches students about the practical application of what they are learning.
We cover the conceptual clarity in the fundamentals of each and every Subject for better understanding
of all topics.

NEET Foundation Test Series

The tests help our students assess their strengths and weaknesses in concepts as well as
subject areas so that they can plan for improvement in the necessary areas.
They also ensure that our students undergo the comprehensive practice.
We provide different types of tests like Individual Tests, Classroom test series and Mock
The test papers are designed based on the questions which appear in school and
competitive examinations and are regularly updated to reflect any changes in exam
pattern or content.