Director’s Message

We consider our students the torchbearers of the future and therefore we undertake the responsibility of enlighten the future through young generation.
Bravgard has been known as the sincere Institute amongst the students fraternity because of our dedication and commitment. The successful methodology of teaching system will be the key driving force in the future as well as with our infallible endeavor for success in NEET/JEE and other competitive examinations.
We have many trustworthy and supportive students and parents all over the country and I with to express their continued support and endorsement of our academic services. In the last 8 years we have achieve unprecedented success. I must appreciate, congratulate and thank all our students and their parents for their belief and patronage to Bravgard.
I look forward to serve your highest order of scholastic expectations at Bravgard.
Best Wishes,
Dr. D.D. Pandey
M.Sc, Ph.d, F.R.I/K
Managing Director,
Sr. Faculty (Biology)
Ex. 20 years


About Bravgard

Bravgard is a premier institution of various competitive examination especially designed for young and nurturing minds. Right from scratch, our vision wants to impart not only education but also to instill a deeply motivated and determined temperament in students. We have been consistently providing doctors working and studying in prestigious hospitals and medical colleges of India and abroad.


Our vision is to develop, enhance and instill deep commitment in students towards competitive examinations and help them strive to the zenith of success with the help of determined faculty.


Innovation and pursuit of excellence in carrier education. Address the needs of students through carrier oriented initiatives. Integrity, Transparency and Openness in all our actions.